Frequently asked questions

We had 5 unsuccessful IVF with own embryo, are we qualified?
Yes, according to Ukrainian law after 4 unsuccessful IVF woman is qualified for the use of surrogacy.
Does the package include insurance for the surrogate mother?
Yes, our package includes insurance of surrogate mother.
What happens if there are miscarriage, abortion, ectopic or even stillbirth, how to compensation the surrogate mother?
In the case of miscarriage, abortion, ectopic or even stillbirth - compensation to the surrogate mother is around 75 usd for each week up to 12th week and 110 usd for each week from 13th week, as well monthly allowance that was paid to surrogate.
What kind of prenatal care included in the package?
Full prenatal care program, according to international protocol, is included.
How often are alcohol and drug tests done on Surrogate mother? Also, is there scheduled or regular support for surrogate mother? If so, will they assess and share reports on physical and mental wellbeing of surrogate mother? If not, what updates do we get about surrogate mother and baby health and how often (weekly/once in 2 weeks/monthly...)?
During prenatal care program there are at list 15 scheduled consultation with medical exam, test, ultrasound etc. Our coordinator is present each time with SM, discuss all with doctors and send you reports.
We communicating with SM from the first call and visit to the fertility clinic and up to post delivery period. If there is some feeling or suspicions of alcohol or drug abuse, immediately we organize unscheduled examination.

Is fetal genetic screenings included?
Genetic test of embryo is included, on the stage before embryo transfer. Fetal genetic screenings is not included and provided on indication or on request of IP.
What happens if the baby is not healthy (for instance Down Syndrome e.g.), when it is found out after 12 weeks?
If some illness discovered after 12th week – under agreement of IP, termination of pregnancy is provided.
What kind of document shall we provide you, if we would like to apply for this package?
For the beginning of program we need: passport copies - notarized and apostilled (2 copies of each parent) marriage certificate - notarized and apostilled (2 copies) Medical tests of the intended father (optional, please ask for details) Doctor's report of the intended mother Power of attorney - notarized and apostilled Power of attorney from one spouse to the other spouse (optional).
What information do we need to provide, we think to proceed with own eggs.
For the beginning we need results of tests for AMH, FSH, Spermogram of husband, Folliculometry (an ultrasound study).
Would I be able to view pictures of my donors?
According to law, donors are anonyme, but after selection of donor we can provide her picture, but choosing is by phenotype, after signing of contract we will suggest up to 3 proven, genetically tested, ready for program candidates of egg donors.
We would like the embryos to be PGS tested. Could we select the gender of the embryos?
Yes, it is possible to choose gender of child.
What are your clinics success rates for live births using donor eggs and/or embryos?
Success rate of pregnancy is up to 80%, after confirmation of pregnancy live birth is up to 100%.
What are the current restrictions with COVID?
We have no restrictions influencing surrogacy journey and travels.
How soon would I be able to start treatment? Receive the embryos transfer?
Starting of treatment is about one month after conclusion of agreement, Embryos transfer - in 2 months after beginning of program.
Would I be able to transfer 1 or 2 embryos?
Yes, it is possible to agree quantity of transferred embryos
I want the access to the egg donor databank.
We give an access to the data base and start matching of egg donor after conclusion of agreement.
Does your agency arrange shipment?
Yes, we can arrange the shipment.
Can we choose a donor egg from your database?
Available Asian or black donor egg, or only Caucasian? Mostly we work with Caucasian egg donors, some of them looks like Asian. We suggest several candidates who are tested and have high success rate, to choose between them.
Request for information on the possibility of surrogate motherhood for a homosexual couple (gays).
Unfortunately according to Ukrainian law only married heterosexual couples with medical indications are eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine.
Are you used to working with intended parents residing in the UK?
Yes, Ney Hope works permanently with intended parents from UK.
Do we pay all to the agency?
You will have direct contracts and payment with fertility clinic, surrogate mother, maternity hospital and agency, so, payments are transparent and under your control.
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