the steps that we will walk with you together
Initial consultation
focused but not limited:
  • choosing of program,
  • details of surrogacy in Ukraine, cost, timeframe, payments,
  • surrogate, egg donor, communication during the surrogacy journey etc., agreements between all parties - Intended parents, Surrogate, Agency, Fertility clinic,
  • medical exam of egg donor, surrogate and intended parents,
  • futility clinics we work with, maternity hospital, any other questions.
Concluding of agreement with agency, power of attorney
Legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine.
At every stage of the surrogacy process, you will be supported and represented by a family attorney, program coordinator, and curator who know and understands all details of assisted reproductive technologies, egg donation, surrogacy and applicable reproductive laws.
Concluding of agreement with fertility clinic
We suggest to intended parents we work with to conclude a direct agreement with fertility clinic.
All relationships between IP and clinic are transparent, direct and stages, not up-front and consequently are under your control.
Surrogate matching
Aims at finding the perfect surrogate mother for you in a timely manner.
As soon as a suitable candidate is preselected, we contact both parties to agree on all the conditions.
Medical and psychological screening and assessment
Surrogate and egg donor undergo all necessary medical and psychological tests and examinations in accordance with the protocol.
Concluding of agreement with surrogate mother
A notary agreement is drawn up with a surrogate mother. All payments are direct, stages and controlled by you.
Embryo transfer
On the 17-21 day of SM's cycle, embryo is transferred.
Diagnosis of pregnancy
Blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin HCG on the 10-14th day after ET, Ultrasound on the 7th day after confirmation of pregnancy with HCG test.
Prenatal care program
Prenatal care program is provided by clinic of private maternity hospital "Leleka".
Birth - Congratulations! ;0)
The most enjoyable and exciting stage along the way.
After the birth
Paperwork for registering parental rights, obtaining a birth certificate / Paperwork for the embassy. Appointment at the embassy.

Surrogacy programs in Ukraine

IVF Program
IVF + Egg donation program
Frozen embryo transfer + Surrogacy Program
(Frozen ET + SM)

Surrogacy program with own oocytes (SO + ET)
Surrogacy program with donor eggs (OD + ET + PGT 24 Chr.)
Guaranteed Surrogacy program with donor eggs
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