Surrogacy journey in Ukraine


Documents of Intended parents

To start surrogacy process in Ukraine we ask you to provide your legal and medical paperwork, listed below:
  1. Passport copies - notarized and apostilled (2 copies of each parent).
  2. Marriage certificate - notarized and apostilled (2 copies).
  3. Medical tests of the intended father (optional, please ask for details).
  4. Doctor's report of the intended mother.
  5. Power of attorney - notarized and apostilled.
  6. Power of attorney from one spouse to the other spouse (optional).

Documents for the Embassy

To the Embassy WE WILL PROVIDE:
  1. Birth certificate.
  2. A copy of the document from the clinic about IVF and genetic link (original is submitted to the registry office for the birth certificate).
  3. Surrogacy contract.
  4. A copy of surrogate's refusal (Waiver).
  5. A document from the hospital about delivery.
All documents will be translated into English or another relevant language.
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