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Nova Espero

We have combined experience, specific knowledge, and professionalism of our teams. This allowed us to successfully solve the most difficult tasks and guarantee to meet the needs of our clients.

Every person has reproductive rights that he must protect at all times and under all circumstances.

We provide legal and full organizational support for all stages of surrogacy programs from the moment you contact us to receive a child's birth certificate.
Many years of practice and hundreds of implemented programs allow us to minimize risks for all participants of the process - we protect both the interests of clients and the rights of surrogate mothers.
More than 15 years of experience in the field of family, adoption, and surrogacy law.
More than thousand internationals successfully completed adoptions and surrogacy process in favor of our principals from around the World, especially from France and USA.
Oleg Marynenko
CEO, Director Nova Espero
Nova Espero
As a law firm practicing in adoption and fertility law, we are committed to providing you and your family with the highest level legal support in all aspects of assisted reproductive technology law, including surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, parental rights, and second-parent adoption.
We consider it our greatest honor and privilege to help you create a happy, legally secure family through surrogacy.

Sergey Glushchenko

Director LF "RPF"
Deputy Dsrector Nova Espero

"Nova Espero"
best fertility health care facilities

Ukraine is one of the several countries in the World where surrogacy is not only legal, but also effectively protected by state detailed regulation. Therefore, Ukraine is one of the most attractive country for surrogacy.

More than 15 years of experience in the field of family, adoption, and surrogacy and thousand successfully completed international adoptions and surrogacy process.

Law firm "RPF" provide services in the field of surrogacy in Ukraine as full-service surrogacy agency that represents interests of intended parents in going through all the steps of the surrogacy process.

We offer one of the best surrogacy programs in Ukraine - high success rate, individual approach and safety are our priority.

We always try to do our best and we are able to guarantee to our intended parents:

- You will get the most healthy surrogate mothers as we carry out a high-quality selection;

- You will have the surrogacy process in the best Fertility clinics;

- The delivery of your child or children will be provided in the best Maternity hospital;

- You can be sure that your surrogate mother will be happy and safe, as we support them 24/7 in order to prevent any complications;

- All the expenses will be under your full control – all the payments will be provided by you are direct, with no extra fees.

Last year, beside all complication due to Covid, tens of intended parents that entrusted us their surrogacy journey, now are happy with their children.

We have truly short waiting list – approximately 2-3 months before embryo transfer, including time for preselection, approval and preparation of egg donors and surrogate mothers.

We provide strictly personal services, that means that on all stages of surrogacy journey your representants support you, your surrogate mother, and your child.

We are not an agency that works under fertility clinic, so we are able to choose the most efficient fertility clinic and doctor that has high success rate.

We cooperate with several top-rated fertility clinics as Fertility clinic "Lita" and maternity hospital "Leleka" that have a particularly good success rate and top level of medical services.

Each program with own or donor eggs or frozen embryos transfer, and surrogacy is individual, depends on wishes of intended parents, all programs includes prenatal care and warranty of maternity hospital – neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) if needed.

We suggest a real egg donor, not from egg bank. So, you will have all eggs and all created embryos.

We suggest packages that are 10-15% cheaper than for retail customers at the same time our programs covers all obligatory and recommended procedures and test, i.e. for the program with donor eggs we included preimplantation genetic test for 24 Chr.

We provide constant control and information on the progress of all stage of the implementation of the surrogacy process, including information on the outcome of the embryo transfer procedure, the course of the pregnancy, the condition of the surrogate mother, the health care institution and the doctor who is observing the pregnancy, the estimated date of birth, the method of delivery agreed with the doctor, the beginning, and the course of the birth.

After the birth of the child, we will do registration of the birth of the child, you are recorded as mother and father of your child, as well as preparation, translation, and notarization of the documents to be submitted to the Embassy for the registration of the child exit to the country of residence of the Spouses.

How to proceed.

For the beginning we will ask to provide us a letter/statement from your doctor that surrogacy is recommended for you.

Regarding documents – all contracts with surrogate mother, fertility clinic, maternity hospital and agency are direct.

Regarding money – all payments to surrogate mother, fertility clinic, maternity hospital and agency are direct and stages.

The price includes all necessary fees and taxes.

The price of fertility clinic and maternity hospital is final and includes all medical services described in the program. This price can vary even some additional service will be ordered.

The compensation of surrogate mother can vary and agreed with you and surrogate mother before signing of agreement with surrogate mother.

We try to make all program as affordable as possible, but the surrogacy process is expensive. Each our program is individual but based on the current level of cost of fertility clinic, egg donor, compensations of surrogate mother and agency's fees.

Our programs are honest and one of the cheapest in Ukraine, all payment are stages, not up front, at the same time program covers all steps needed for successful pregnancy, delivery and paperwork.

As a surrogacy journey includes some circumstances beyond of our reasonable control, some additional fees can arise, but from experience of many intended parents it isn't exceed 10% of general price.

We take great joy and would be honored in helping realize your surrogacy journey!

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Glushchenko

For spouses who choose traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy, the surrogacy process is emotional and overwhelming process.

As our coordinators were connected for a long time with many adoption cases, we understand the challenges you are facing and the rewards to come.

With qualified ART attorneys and coordinators, we make sure your surrogacy paperwork complies with the laws in Ukraine and in the country of your residence. of rand that your parental authority is legally established.

RPF's team of fertility law professionals will work with you to develop a customized surrogacy agreement that protects the health, privacy and legal rights of you and your family, your surrogate and her family, and your child.
We guide you every step of the way—from conception to birth—negotiating tough issues such as your role during the pregnancy and birth, circumstances under which embryo reduction or termination of the pregnancy may be considered, and the surrogate's responsibilities to you and your child.
CEO, family and surrogacy lawyer
Oleg Marynenko
Оur team
Program executive director
Family and Surrogacy lawyer
Surrogacy and adoption
program coordinator
Head of legal suppport team
Surrogacy and adoption
program coordinator

Sergey Glushchenko

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